kwirky kiwi

Hi! I've always loved sewing and have memories of making all sorts of crazy clothes in the 1980's! I wore a new creation to work nearly every Monday much to the amusement of my workmates!

Fast forward quite a few years and I discovered that I was drawn to the fashion styles of the 1950's and wondered, can you still buy any patterns from the 1950's? Well that was the start of my ever growing collection of vintage sewing patterns!

The cover artwork of some patterns are just so gorgeous! The intricate details of some are so intriguing! Others look quite normal on the surface until you read about the construction method which reveals a whole new technique!

I feel as though these beautiful patterns need to be preserved and cared for. I actually consider myself to be a custodian who cares for each pattern until I can find the person who will love it, own it and hopefully turn it into an amazing creation. It breaks my heart when I see vintage patterns being cut up to make wall art, hear of patterns being thrown away by someone who doesn't know others would treasure them forever or even being used to wrap up presents. Maybe I'm too sentimental about these pieces of history, but I know many others around the world share my views, so I'm happy!

Enjoy browsing the patterns in my store, please ask any questions you may have, and wish me luck in finding the time to go through the thousands of patterns I have stored to get them ready to put up for sale! 

Happy Sewing!

Megan, the Kwirky Kiwi

My version of the infamous Walkaway Dress