Sewing Pattern Buddy

Your entire collection at your fingertips

Welcome to Sewing Pattern Buddy, the app designed to bring your entire pattern collection to your fingertips, wherever you are.

Features at a glance:

  • Catalogue your entire sewing pattern collection, including PDFs and patterns in books
  • Include all the important information for each pattern including company, pattern number/name, garment type, sizes, fabric required, tags, notes, your rating, photos and many more
  • Search, sort, and filter on different fields to find the exact pattern you’re looking for, then look at that patterns’ details – in detail!

Get The Sewing Pattern Buddy!


Tutorials to show you how to get the most out of the app.


How To Add A Pattern

Using The Apps’ Features

Add a New Pattern

Build up your library.

Click the  plus_blue  icon to add a new pattern.

Add data to each of the fields as required.

Only the Pattern Company and Name/Number are mandatory – all the others can be left blank, but the more data you enter the more useful the app becomes!

Select from pre-defined lists or add your own items.

Enter the size range of the pattern in metric or imperial measurements.

Enter bust/hip for women.

Enter chest/waist for men or children.

Enter age in months for infants.

Use the  camera_blue  button to take photos of your pattern with the phone camera, or the folder_blue  button to select a photo already on your phone.

Add photos of the front and back of the pattern envelope, plus any others you might find useful.

Search, Sort and Filter

Find your patterns easily.

To search your patterns for a particular word or part of a word, tap where it says  search_icon Search.

The search function looks at the pattern number/name, notes, location and tags.

Type in what you want to search for, then tap the magnifying glass (or enter) on your keyboard to see what you’ve found!


Clicking on the sort_blue icon will allow you to sort your patterns.

Choose from pattern company, number/name, era, year, size, rating,and fabric required.

These can all be ordered in an ascending or descending sequence.



Tap the filter_blue icon to filter your patterns.

Select a particular pattern company, garment type, era, rating, tag, etc. to display just those patterns.

You can even select more than one filter.

For example, you could choose to display patterns which are dresses from the 1950’s with a rating of 5 stars!


You can use search, sort and filter, or any two of them, all at the same time!

To find out what dress patterns you have in a particular box, filter by garment type “dress”, and search “box 1”.

Maybe you want to sort those results in the order of the patterns you like best, so sort by Rating – Descending.

Play around with it! Explore your patterns!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Sewing Pattern Buddy app?

The app is free to download and you can store 25 patterns to get the idea of how it works.  If you like it and want to store more patterns, a one-time upgrade can be purchased to enable storage of an unlimited number of patterns.

The upgrade costs $6.99 NZD or the equivalent in other currencies. At the time of writing, that would be £4.89 GBP, $6.49 AUD and $4.99 USD. The app will tell you the exact price when the time comes.

How many patterns can I store?

You can store 25 patterns for free, and then if you purchase the upgrade, as many as you want! (Or as many as will fit onto your phone or tablet, photos do take up space, after all.)

Can I backup my pattern details and photos?

Yes, you can! A backup feature was released in version 0.2.0 of the app.

When you do a backup, it saves all your pattern information and photos to a folder on your Google Drive called Sewing Pattern Buddy.

Please DO NOT delete or edit any files in this folder or it may make your backup unusable!

  • Go to the 3 dots at the top right of most of the screens in the app
  • Select Backup/Restore
  • The first time you are here, you will be asked to choose which Google Drive account you want to use for the app backup system
  • Once the app has connected to your Google Drive account, the Backup and Restore buttons will be enabled
  • Tap the Backup button
  • The first time you do a backup, it will just get on with it
  • If you already have a backup on Google Drive, the app will tell you how many patterns you have on the device and how many patterns were included in the backup. This way, you can decide whether to continue with the backup, as any new backup will overwrite the previous one.
  • Now wait!  It can take awhile to do a backup, it all depends on how many patterns and photos you have in the app and also the speed of your network connection.
  • You should then hopefully get a message along the lines of “x patterns have successfully been added to the backup queue. Google Drive will continue to upload these in the background while you work.”

Once patterns have been added to the Google Drive backup queue, you can continue to use the app (or any other app). Google Drive will then upload the patterns and photos in the background and this could take up to half an hour to complete. Again, it depends on how much it has to upload.

If you plan to ‘Restore’ the patterns onto another device, we recommend waiting half an hour after you get the backup message above.

If you get a different message, do not panic! Check you have an internet connection, wait a few minutes, then try again.  A lot of problems can be fixed by just trying again.

However, if you run into something which doesn’t seem to be resolving, please contact us, and we’ll try our very best to help you out 🙂

How can I transfer my pattern details and photos to another phone or tablet?

If you’ve made a backup using the instructions in the previous question “Can I backup my pattern details and photos?”, then it’s very easy!

  • If you’ve just done the backup, we recommend waiting for around half an hour before doing the restore because the files may still be being uploaded to Google Drive in the background.
  • Go to the 3 dots at the top right of most of the screens in the app
  • Select Backup/Restore
  • The first time you are here, you will be asked to choose which Google Drive account you want to use for the app backup/restore system – make sure it is the same account you used for the backup!
  • Once the app has connected to your Google Drive account, the Backup and Restore buttons will be enabled
  • Tap the Restore button
  • The app will tell you how many patterns you currently have on the device and how many patterns are in the backup on Google Drive. This is so you don’t accidentally overwrite 100 patterns on your device with a backup of only 20 patterns, for example!
  • Once you tap Continue, the restore will start. Again, this may take awhile depending on the number of files it has to download and your connection speed.
  • When it’s finished, you should hopefully get a message saying “You successfully restored x patterns from Google Drive!”

If there’s been a problem, checking your internet connection, waiting a few minutes, then trying again will fix most things.

But if the problem seems to be persisting, contact us and we’ll do our very best to help you out!

How are the photos stored on my phone / tablet?

When you take a photo or select a photo already on your phone, the app makes a copy of it and stores it in an area on your device referred to as External Storage, which the Sewing Pattern Buddy app can access. The exact directory path and name varies from device to device. It does not store the copy of the photos on the SD card.

When the copy is made, the size of the file is reduced significantly because we don’t want your phone to get clogged up with huge photo files.

Can I change the size of the photo files saved on my phone / tablet?

The photo files are reduced in size before saving.  The default size is “small”, but you can change this by tapping the settings icon at the top right of most screens, choosing “settings”, “photo file size” and selecting small, medium or large.  We suggest you use the default “small” setting unless your photo quality seems a bit poor within the app.

I've taken a photo of the back of the pattern envelope, but how do I zoom in to see the details?

After you’ve saved your pattern, tap on its photo on the home page, which will open up the pattern details screen. The photos display at the top. Just tap on the photo you want and it will open up in full screen mode. Then to zoom in, either double tap it (double tap to zoom back out again) or use the pinch & zoom gesture. When you’re finished, just hit the devices’ back button to return to the pattern detail screen.

Why are the pattern sizes not in dress sizes, for example 12?

Dress sizes have varied greatly over the years, a 1940’s size 12 usually had a bust of 30″, whereas a size 12 on modern patterns is likely to have a bust of 34″. Also, dress sizes are not standard over the world, so it just made sense to use body measurements for the pattern sizes.

How do I store a pattern from a book or magazine?

Just take a photo of the picture of the garment in the book and that would be your first photo. Then there’s usually a page with the fabric requirements, sizes, notions required, etc, so just take a photo of that. The rest of the information you enter in exactly the same way.

How do I store a PDF pattern?

Ok, this is a little trickier, but worth it to keep track of those patterns which hide away on your computer!

Enter all the information as you would a normal paper pattern. Then when it comes to the photos, there’s a few different ways you can do it:

  • If there’s a nice photo on the pattern company website you want to use as your “envelope front”, save the photo to your computer (right click on it and choose ‘save image as’ then save it to your desktop or somewhere you can get at it easily). Then email yourself the photo as an attachment. Open the email on your phone and download the attached photo. Now you can select that photo when you are adding your pattern by tapping the file button, rather than the camera button.
  • If you’ve made the pattern already, use a photo of you wearing it!
  • Sometimes when you print a PDF pattern, there’s a nice picture on the first page, so just take a photo of that.
  • PDF patterns sometimes come with a separate file or a page of information similar to that on the back of a pattern envelope, so if you have such a page printed out, take a photo of it.
  • This option takes a little more effort, but is pretty easy once you know how! Basically you take a snapshot of a part of your PDF, turn that into a photo, then email it to yourself. Here are the steps in more detail:
    • Open the PDF on your computer using Adobe Reader
    • Get the page on the screen you want to turn into a photo
    • Click Edit > Take a Snapshot
    • You now have a little cross-hair as your cursor.
    • Position your cross-hair at one corner of the section you want to select, left-click and hold it down, then move your cursor to the diagonally opposite corner of the section.
    • When you’re happy with the area you’ve selected, let go of the left mouse button.
    • You will now get a message saying the selected are has been copied.
    • Now open up Paint on your computer.
    • Click Paste or Ctrl-V and your selection will appear in the workspace of Paint.
    • Now click Crop.
    • Next, save it by clicking on File > Save As > JPEG Picture
    • Then choose where you will save it to and give it a name. (I suggest saving it to your desktop, with a sensible name and then as soon as you’ve saved the pattern in Sewing Pattern Buddy, you can just delete all the photos from your desktop which you created from PDFs.)
    • Now email yourself and attach the photo (or you can create a few of these photos from PDFs and email them all in one email).
    • Open the email on your phone and download the attached photo(s)
    • Now you can use the photo when you’re adding the pattern by tapping the file button, rather than the camera button in the Add Pattern screen